J-Shock 2007

So, I'll finally post something about the J-Shock because I'm having a break from studying maths right now. *tired desu*

Saturday, 23.06.2007
We went to Cologne by train where we met a nice girl who was also going to the J-Shock, so we were 3 persons who didn't know the way to the Palladium :D But fortunately we met a nice group with whom we reached the Palladim at 2:30 pm. So we were half an hour early, that's perfect.
In front of the palladium I also met some people :D So it was never boring x3 ...
Originally I wanted to go buying merchandise first, but that was impossible. I tried it ... but 10 minutes later I gave up. People there were really annoying. Maybe something like that should be organized better. Same with the signing sessions. Too crowded. I didn't go to any of them because I was in a bad mood after that merchandise thing. So I first bought something to drink and we looked a bit around at the visual market which was, in my opinion, not that interesting. I missed the J-food. I had only eaten some chicken nuggets at the station.
As we had nothing to do then we went to see Guitar Wolf.
The show was good, I think, but it wasn't my taste of music at all. Between the concerts they showed DVDs with videos of the bands. I liked the bis DVD. x3 bis was the next band to play and I really enjoyed it. I like their music ^~^ The vocalist only spoke Japanese, so I didn't understand him but better than saying nothing, so I was okay with that. After the concert I went to the merchandise sales again and bought a bis t-shirt.
AnCafe and girugämesh t-shirts were already sold out.
Next band was girugämesh. I liked them from the first song. I also liked bis, but I was a bit exhausted, so there were moments in which I hoped it to be finished soon. During girugämesh I forgot about that. They rocked \°O°/ I had so much fun, it was just great. They're also really good at playing live. x3
And last but not least there were AnCafe. The only band I really knew before the J-Shock. It's not my favourite band, but they have some really good songs. But I think there are better vocalists, even though I think Miku is really likeable. But they really have good live qualities. So I was positively surprised. The best about AnCafe were their communication with the fans. They were really nice and I think both AnCafe and the fans enjoyed the show. They gave there best with English and German and they introduced Yuuki (is the name right?) Atze. Because he has the same style like Atze lol. I think that was really funny. I had much fun at the concert.
They even played some encores (but girügämesh didn't *cries*), but we had to go earlier to be sure to get a cab in time.
There were so many people but finally, we also got a cab and arrived at the station early enough *lucky* ^.^b

So all in all, J-Shock was worth the money and the journey. Visual market and non existing J-food weren't that gread, but the concert were.
Especially girugämesh *_____*
I hope I'll see them live again some day.

Ja ne :D

MUCC in Saarbrücken

So yesterday was MUCC's concert in Germany [Saarbrücken], the only Germany-concert without Balzac, which (the concert of course, not the fact that Balzac weren't there, I don't even know them) was really great. But what else would you expect of MUCC? Not for nothing, they are my favourite band. But let's start at the beginning.
We arrived in Saarbrücken at Roxy 1 hour before opening. As it was really cold outside, it was good to wait inside in the staircase. But after a while, whe had to move to the outside >.>
Between opening and concert start there wasn't any time to feel bored or anything, because we had to wait for such a long time to hand over our bags. So we almost missed the concert start. So at first we were very much at the back and I couldn't see anything. I was so worried that it would be like that until the end. I'm too small too see anything when there are so many tall people in front of me ;__;
But fortunatelly we made it to the front rows later on. I seem to have a talent for that without doing anything. The others just push me there, which is, of course, very lucky :D So I could see Tatsurou all the time, which made me really happy, because he is my favourite and awww ... he looked so great *___* And I was also able too see Miya and Yukke at times. Only Satochi ... I didn't see him once ;__; But as it was very crowded at the concert and me, being not that tall, I can say, it was very lucky that way.
But very trying, because the crowd was so close and moving so much. I was finished in the end and couln't move my head xD
But it was fun. I love concerts :D And MUCC's music is so great and so it was really fun <3
Tatsurou was giving his best with both English and German, I think he improved since last year. He's so great *__*
The setlist was also perfect, it didn't include all the songs I wished for, but everything fitted very well. Even risky drive, which I didn't really like before, was good. It rocked °0°//
And Seishuu Ressha ... I love it <3 Ah and Utagoe was also so great *-* But the best was in the end ... Yasashii uta ... I was hoping for that song. It's so perfect for a live. And they made it very long xD I thought my arm wouldn't stand it any longer, but I just had to hold out until the end. That song and MUCC deserve it :D
lalala lalala *___* Tatsurou said they'll come back, so I'm going to believe it. I hope they'll be back next year and I go watch them again.
MUCC are always the best and their concerts are most fun <3
But this time, I didn't buy any merchandise. I didn't like it at all except the posters, but posters are always so expensive, but a great picture. But it's also on the flyers, so I, at least, can see it there^^°
Ah and I have to ad: I'm so very happy that they played full 2 hours. I love them for that. <3
So it was another great concert that deserves to be kept in memory.
MUCC is love <3<3<3

Ah I think, I'll make this entry public again, because it's a concert report :D

すき KANA ♥

Awww, finally, yesterday was Kana's concert in Munich. We left for Munich at 7.30 am and even if there wasn't much time left until the meet+greet (signing) ... I believed we could make it in time. I really believed. I drew a picture fpr her the evening before and I wanted to give it to her. But then we came into a traffic jam and so we could forget the meet+greet. That's of course a bit sad, I was really looking forward to it. So I didn't give the present to her after all. I believed there would go everything wrong that day. When we arrived in Munich there was such a bad hail as I've never seen before. We went to Neo Tokyo first to pick up the tickets and to see that Kana wasn't there any more (which wasn't really surprising) ... Hm ~ we went to Georg Elser hall at 7.30 pm and there weren't really many people, but I think the whole atmoshere was really agreeable. I spent all my money I had left for merchandise. I know I'm crazy, but I had to have one of those really cute hand-made bunnys. I bought a black one (the one I once wanted to buy at neotokyo, remember?) He's so super-cute *~* Then Kana came with a very nice kimono-dress, which I think, was really beautiful. She looked so cute 0^.^0 She started the concert with "hebi ichigo". My favourite song ♥  ~ But I wished she would have put "hebi ichigo" in the middle of the show, because at the beginning, it's always not so good, because after a few songs, I'm more into the concert. But nevertheless it was a great start. Then Kana introduced herself as Moon and she talked English to us all the concert. That really impressed me, because all the other Japanese artists I've seen live until yet talked Japanese which I don't understand at all. I think Kana was really giving her best. And saying "I'm so happy" all the time ... It really touched my heart. She's so much cuter than I imagined, she really is the cutest person I've ever seen. I love her voice, it fits her so much ^~^ And she was so cheerful. She introduced every song to us, but nevertheless I can't imagine the names. But I loved them all. I remember "papi chan" which was really nice and the dance for this song *aiai* ~ And "maid" was also great ~ love this song. Chimame *0* and her English song ... I don't remember the name. Ah, I really want Kana to release a new album soon. ~ Ah and Kana came with *counts* 5 (?) different dresses. They were all really really nice ♥  I can't decide which one I liked most. Ah and not to forget: Kana also spoke a few words in German to us. So great *~* I wish she had come back as everyone was shouting "encore" ~ I hope she'll come to Germany again (Munich!!!) and I hope, I'll get a signature next time, but to be honest ... I'm not sad about it at all ... the concert was so great that I almost forgot about it. 0^.^0 And, for the first time in my life, I caught something: a tour-t-shirt from one of her band members ^.^ Now I have two T-Shirts xD I hope the inscription on it is written by Kana, it's "Moon -Kana" and a little bunny on bunny's ear (on the photo) 0^.^0 Kana loveeee ♥

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